Shingle Roofing

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Shingle Roofing Solutions from Mid Atlantic Roofing Systems

Shingle roofing is popular with many homeowners offering an affordable and durable option for residential roofing projects. Mid Atlantic Roofing Systems offers a variety of shingle roofing ranging from standard 3-tab asphalt shingles to higher end composites and synthetic materials that look like slate and cedar shake roofing. Contact us to learn more about shingle roofing from Mid Atlantic Roofing Systems.


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Benefits of Rhino Roof 

Rhino roofing is a ground-breaking new synthetic underlay that is highly engineered and mechanically attached. Rhino roofing is lightweight; therefore, making it easier and safer to install than an asphalt felt underlay. RhinoRoof U20 Synthetic provides complete protection to the roof deck: it is water-resistant, wrinkle like felt and impervious to mold.