Do you have financing?
Yes, we have in-house financing with Medallion Bank. Applications can be made in person or by calling our office at 336-671-5208.
Where can I look for leaks around my fireplace?
A common area to have leaks is around chimneys. This is a good place to inspect if you see any staining on the ceiling around your fireplace. We recommend that you seal around your chimney flashing yearly with Master Seal NP1 silicone or equivalent. If the metal flashing looks to be intact and there is still silicone intact around the flashing and there are no holes present in the silicone, there may be something else happening. See question 5 below on how to further troubleshoot.
What if I have a leak in my bathroom?
If you have a leak in your bathroom, it could be a pipe boot or an exhaust vent. Inspect around the base of the pipe boot’s neck, looking for any holes or dry/cracked rubber, which would allow water inside. Apply a good amount of NP1 where needed, including to any exposed nails. Pipe boots and exhaust vents may need to be changed out by a professional if they are in disrepair. Call our office at 336-671-5208 if you are unsure.
If I have water coming into the middle of the house on a load-bearing wall, where can I look?
Step flashing is another place you can inspect for a leak. Again, apply NP1 around all step flashing. This kind of leak can be tricky to find, see question 5 below to troubleshoot. If the cause is still not clear, or you do not feel comfortable making the repair on your own, give us a call at 336-671-5208 and we will help further investigate the problem.
How do I do a water test?
You can simulate rain using a water hose. When spraying a chimney, start at the bottom spraying just at the base for approx. 15 minutes and if no water is coming in, continue working your way up to the top, saturating the brick. You will need a buddy inside to tell you when the water begins to appear on the interior. This can also be done anywhere on the roof, just go slowly.
Do you give free estimates and/or free inspections?
Yes, we offer free inspections and estimates. Call our office 336-671-5208 to set up a time.
What are inspections and why do you do them?
Inspections involve a trained expert thoroughly looking over your roof and gutter system for any storm damage, which may have been caused by wind or hail. If there is no storm damage found, we will inspect the overall condition of the roof and offer either maintenance or full replacement options if needed. Inspecting and sealing around all penetration on the roof is necessary on a yearly basis.
Why is water running down the wall inside my home?
This may be an indication that your gutters are full and need to be cleaned. In addition, gutter guards could be helpful to prevent the problem from reoccurring.
I don't think that my gutters are bad, they can just look bad. But how can I tell?
Sometimes you don’t need to replace your gutters, you can simply clean them to make them look new again. This can be done by hiring a professional, or pressure wash them on your own. After a thorough cleaning, you can seal the inside corners with new silicone sealant to help prevent leaks and dripping. If your gutters are sagging or pulling away from your home, we recommend hiring a professional to replace the fascia wood they are attached to. This is a sign that your current system may be failing and should be replaced. We offer free gutter replacement estimates. Give our office a call at 336-671-5208.
Do I need gutter guards?
You should have gutter guards installed if you live near trees that cause your gutters to stop up and/or overflow. You should have them installed if you no longer want to clean them out yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The cost of cleaning out gutters a couple of times per year over several years would equate to about the cost of installing gutter guards. Should you need them, you can install guards on your existing 5″ or 6″ open gutters.


**Before attempting any repair and/or maintenance work on your own home, please follow all safety precautions regarding ladders and be safe when getting on or off a roof. If you are unsure, or don’t feel comfortable, do not attempt to make your own repairs. We have trained staff that would be happy to help you. Call us at 336-671-5208.

Please be sure that whatever company you decide to use, they are credible, well-established, with insurance, and great reviews.