Nestled in the heart of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, lies the picturesque Ardmore Historic District. Established in 1892, Ardmore has been a neighborhood of charm and character for many decades. Its tree-lined streets and inviting homes create a cozy atmosphere that is hard to match. Residents of Ardmore are proud of their community and love to call it home.

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Ardmore is a one-of-a-kind historic neighborhood in Winston-Salem, offering a juxtaposition of architectural styles. From Tudor Revival to Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts to Art Deco, Ardmore is a showcase of varied homes that each have their own personality. Residents have taken the time to maintain and preserve many of these homes, giving us a look back into the city’s past. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the history and culture of Winston-Salem.

In Ardmore, visitors and locals alike are met with stunning tree-lined streets. From majestic oaks to vibrant maples and fragrant magnolias, Ardmore is home to some of the oldest and loveliest trees in Winston-Salem. It is also host to several parks and green spaces, such as Miller Park and Miller Park Circle, which offer the perfect tranquil refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. These outdoor areas provide a stunning backdrop to the stunning trees, ensuring that the beauty of Ardmore is enjoyed all year long.

Experience Ardmore in a unique way during the annual RAH! (Run Ardmore, Hike Ardmore) event. This 5k race and fun run offers a scenic tour of the neighborhood’s historic homes and landmarks, revealing the area’s character and charm. The event is well-attended by people from all over Winston-Salem and beyond, giving everyone a chance to witness the strong sense of community that exists in Ardmore. Get ready to have an amazing time and discover why the Ardmore RAH! is such an unforgettable experience.

The Ardmore Historic District stands out as an exquisite area that showcases Winston-Salem’s past. Its streets are lined with trees and the range of architectural variations give the neighborhood its own unique charm. Ardmore is a place to make memories, with a strong sense of community and something for everyone to enjoy. History buffs can explore the area’s rich history, nature lovers can take in the scenic views, and all can appreciate the warm welcome from the locals. It’s truly a special place to live and visit.

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