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Business At A Distance: Our Response To Covid-19

Amid the uncertainty of coronavirus (COVID-19) we are resilient and unwavering. No one can know for certain how the impact of this virus will develop and effect everyone the world over. But one this is for sure: the team at Mid Atlantic Roofing Systems is here to serve your home’s essential needs. 

Yes, social distancing takes some getting used to but our team has found some creative ways to help everyone stay safe and to stay connected! Here are some of the things that we are doing to ensure the safety of our customers and staff while doing business from afar:

  • The entire Mid Atlantic Roofing team takes cautionary steps to wear gloves as well as sanitize before and after each 
  • appointment. 
  • Sometimes, during an appointment, phone calls must be made or visual aids for products must be shown. We take steps to ensure that all phones, devices and materials used are disinfected before and after each use. 
  • We utilize our resources! We’ve been very successful in using tools such as FaceTime, Zoom or any other type of video conferencing/chat platform to show our customers product samples and to further discuss their roofing, gutter or window project. 
  • We assess our teams’ health and their families’ health daily. If anyone is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, he or she is required to stay home. 

This is not a limited list! All situations and circumstances are different. The steps that we take to prevent and slow the spread are constantly evolving. Bottom line: our team has always done and will continue to do everything possible to accommodate the health safety needs of our customers and to get the job done the right way!

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Business At A Distance: Our Response To Covid-19

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